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by Windfaerer

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Andreas Engman
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Andreas Engman Masterpiece is the only way to describe Tenebrosum. The guitars and violin work so great together throughout the entire album. This is some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard. Windfaerer's style of folk-influenced Atmospheric Black Metal is unlike anything out there, you can even hear hints of 90s Melodic Death Metal. The song Nectars Of Eden by Ebony Tears comes to mind. Windfaerer is truly one of the most underrated bands in the genre. Favorite track: Celestial Supremacy.
Nebel thumbnail
Nebel Rage that sounds like heaven's choir. Favorite track: Celestial Supremacy.
Daniel Hartleb
Daniel Hartleb thumbnail
Daniel Hartleb Folk/nature oriented Atmospheric Black Metal as good as it can get. A mesmerizing and emotional masterpiece. Favorite track: The Everlasting.
Maximilian Hartert
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Maximilian Hartert I could (and did) listen to "Celistial Supremacy" on repeat for hours. The energy and the melodies paired with a nice sound. In it self it is simply perfect.
Many other titles are great too. The use of the (e) violin is brilliant. Favorite track: Celestial Supremacy.
Within the tempest we journey towards the sun Enthroned and draped in supremacy It shines upon the sea like a daunting dream The ire of Poseidon consumes our fate The lust for empire hardens our quest A monument to the iron within our veins This is the legend we have forged This is the essence of our blood Under this shield there is conquest (gloria in silentium) Forever stained beneath the dawn (gloria in silentium) The silence, it drapes the earth Echoes absconded in dust In temples of gloom, buried in steel The edge of earth lies in our wake, an icon of our sorrows
Finisterra 07:51
Westward into the nameless realm An ancient secret sworn to protect Fueling a continent with the fruits of the sea, bounty from a clandestine land Carving mighty northern frost Into the storm coast Hidden behind horizons Shrouded in mystery, this mass is pure, meadows lush with riches Tribal tongues are echoed, words remain on the shore A saga of seclusion told in the accent of the tides From Euskadi to Hyperborea, leaving Finisterra behind
Encased in a seamless gray A voyage too distant Through a valley of whispering griefs Infertile and useless Trapped in a journey of infinite longing Every moment like the last As it once was and will always be This cannot be overcome Wasted in the ruins of torment Left to crumble in the silence of storms All the bleak words that have failed me Lamenting a truth untold Entombed in a frail cross of stone To vanish from within These sorrows will be burned away with me to be told in oblivion A final stand before I melt to dust The memories of now, penned in blood
Santería 04:30
Wounds of sunlight expel these chains of existence, doomed to life Tremor, ascension, collapse into the depths of the Earth I will serve your sentence so you may live forever These wounds will last forever, like stars carved in the sky The heavens bleed the sorrows of mankind My sons, behold the pain you have caused Intoxicated by the streams of punishment Bastards, abandoned I absolve you from the pain of worlds, upon the altar, my flesh And through aeons I have watched you in decline, yet my heart grows fonder
Forged of blood and earth, plagued by consciousness To live in drift, to die forgotten Inmerso Perdido Silencio Olvido Washed away like sand at shore, slowly erased from time A nest of regrets, like it never was
I am the expansiveness of planets I am the disinterested force of storms This plane is hostile Here there is nothingness I am the outer darkness Follow into the realm of evaporating light, mourning of an endless death I have watched from a great, cold distance and revel in perpetual suffering This plane is hostile Follow into the realm of evaporating light, mourning of an endless death I am the outer darkness


released September 22, 2015


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